27 December 2013

2013 Nail Polish : A Year in Review : Top 10 Indie

On to the second installment of my four part, year in review series. This post will highlight 10 indie polishes that really captured my heart and dazzled my eyes. These all had good formulas that were easy to work with and had great pay-off.

Again, I will list these in alphabetical order.

| A England Beauty Never Fails - the shimmer makes it so complex. |

A England Rose Bower - such a great, glowy red - AND Initial Lacquer Snowy Owl - the white and gold glitter make this topper a bit more unique. |

| Emily de Molly Cosmic Forces - this glitter jelly made a big impression this year - love the complexity. |
| Girly Bits What the Deuce - such an amazing green - it was perfect for my Christmas mani. |

| HARE Polish Party Palace - such a lovely, bright fuschia - the red and white glitter add a lot of interest. |

| Model City Polish Bobbing for Apples (shown over Orly Liquid Vinyl) - circle glitter has taken the world by storm and this one in particular is amazing - plus, it smells like apples!! |

| Model City Polish The Great Pumpkin Massacre (shown over essie Little Brown Dress) - for a Halloween polish this one is quite understated. Plus, the formula is amazing and the pumpkin bread scent is perfect - it lingers for days even with top coat! |

| Ozotic 914 - this one is just stunning. When I heard that piCture pOlish had decided to discontinue the Ozotic line, I had to grab this. Get it while you can! |

| Shimmer Polish Carol - these glitter bombs are unlike any others I have tried - they are so glitter packed that you can easily wear them on their own - I love the brown/copper/blue combo of this one. |

What were your favourite indie polishes this year?

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