14 March 2014

Pahlish February 2014 EXTERMINAAATE! Duo : The Primary Order & The Crucible

TGIF! I could not be more ready for this week to be over! The kid has pink eye and everyone in our house is tired and cranky. Bring on the weekend!

Today I have the February 2014 EXTERMINAAAATE! duo from Pahlish to show you. Shannon has been hitting it out of the park with these combos and I love the monthly duo idea.

Oh! I received my new light tent on Wednesday so I had to test it out with this duo. Here is a comparison picture. My old method was a DIY cardboard box light box - what do you think of the difference? The diffused light of the tent definitely helps for better bottle shots - there's a lot less glare - and I think my skin tone is more accurate as well. Both of these photos were pre-edit.

light box comparison

On to the polish!

The Primary Order is a gray crelly with dark gray and bronze flakes. The formula on this one was good and I was able to get away with two thicker coats for these swatches. I also used one coat of HK Girl quick dry top coat.

Pahlish the Primary Order swatch
Pahlish the Primary Order swatch

The Crucible has a clear base that is packed with a variety of metallic glitter - there's gold, bronze and silver that I can see. Because this sucker is so jam-packed with glitter it is on the thick side which meant that I had to dab the coat on. That method worked really well and I was able to get an even coverage of glitter. Shown here is one dabbed coat of The Crucible and one coat of HK Girl.

Pahlish The Crucible swatch
Pahlish The Crucible swatch
Pahlish The Primary Order & The Crucible swatch

Keep an eye on the blog next week - I will be sharing Emerald & Ash's new collections along with a polish that is super exciting and personal for me! Have a great weekend!

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  1. Do you have at tutorial you used for your fabric tent?

    1. The fabric one I ordered from e-Bay, it's a 16" light tent. As for my cardboard box, I made it before finding other tutorials but I just taped white paper to the inside of a box and pointed my light in the opening.

      Chalkboard Nails has a good tutorial: http://www.chalkboardnails.com/2012/03/intermediate-nail-photography-lightbox.html

  2. I definitely think the color is closer to natural with the light tent. I might have to get one of those for product shots!