23 May 2014

imPress Press-On Manicure : Holla

Since joining Influenster in 2012, I have been lucky enough to receive several VoxBoxes for review and testing purposes and the imPress press-on manicure box was the newest one. I received two different patterns - Holla and Working Girl - and today I am going to be reviewing Holla.
As a nail art novice, this pattern appealed to me because I like lace and don't know how to stamp. I've just returned from a vacation (which was AMAZING!) and since my nails were looking a little rough I thought it would be the perfect time to test out the imPress press-on nails. I've never used press-ons in the past and was always under the assumption that fit could be an issue and you had to use nail glue which could be a PITA. I was pleasantly surprised by the application process which only consisted of finding the correct size for each nail, peeling off the backing and firmly pressing the press-on onto my nail.
imPress press-on manicure review : Holla
imPress press-on manicure review : Holla
imPress press-on manicure review : Holla
These wore fairly well but I did notice them starting to loosen after having a long shower. I liked the ease of application and the finished look but I do have a couple of issues with this product. First, while super long press-ons scare me, these were a touch too short. I had to trim all of my nails down to nubbins and, as you can see, I still had to scoot the thumb nail up a bit and you could see my natural nail peeking over the top of the index finger. I've never thought I had particularly long nail beds but apparently I do. I understand these come in a longer length but you can't get all of the same patterns. Second, due to the thickness of the adhesive, there was a pretty significant gap between my natural nail and the press-on. I found that my hair would get snagged and bits of things would get stuck underneath. This gap is also what contributed to the loosening of the nails after my shower because it allowed more water to penetrate the adhesive.
imPress press-on manicure review : Holla
imPress press-on manicure review : Holla
Removal was quick and painless - I just squirted some acetone in the gap and after a few minutes they peeled off easily; a few swipes of remover and all of the adhesive was gone and there was no damage to my natural nail.
imPress press-on manicure review : Holla
Would I wear these all the time? Ummm, no. I love my polish babies too much. If it was for a one time occasion and I needed something quick and easy, sure. I have to admit, these press-ons weren't as scary as I always thought but they also weren't a home run for me.
What do you think of press-on nails? Have you tried the imPress nails?


  1. They are a really cute design, but I've heard the length is an issue with nearly everyone that's tried them. I feel like they should make them long and if you want them shorter, you can file them yourself. That way it'll work for anyone. Just my 2 cents I guess. :)

    1. They do come in a longer length but it looks like it's only a couple of designs. :/