08 August 2014

Emerald & Ash : Life in Color collection, part 2

Okie dokie, artichokie, it's Friday (woo!) and as promised, here is part two of my Life in Color collection review. Like part one, this post features three gorgeous shades (and a bonus link to a 7th!) from Emerald & Ash.

Let's get down to business. As per usual, the descriptions come directly from the maker.

The snozzberries taste like...blurpurple jelly. Wait no, that can’t be right. Anywho, our version of Snozzberries is a purple jelly that is filled with color shifting square glitter and some purple and red holo micro glitters. Goes on in two to three coats depending on your application. Can also be put over a base color if that tickles your fancy. A top coat is recommended to give the polish a smooth look.

Charlie & The Chocolate Factory is one of my favourite movies EVER and I tend to use the phrase this polish is inspired by quite often, so how could I help but love it? Plus, it's blurple which I'm fairly certain is the best colour name ever (grellow, you don't hold a candle!). The formula on this was fantastic and the perfect amount of glitter applied to the nail with every stroke (how amazing is the tiny red glitter?). Shown here is two coats and one coat of Gelous.

Emerald & Ash Snozzberries swatch
Emerald & Ash Snozzberries swatch
Emerald & Ash Snozzberries swatch
Based in the idea of rainstorms when it’s still sunny out. Crazy little storms. A cloudy grey crelly that shows off a beautiful blue shimmer when in the sun. An added touch of rainbow flakies mimics the rain as the sun is hitting it. Perfect for a rainy mood that needs a little pick me up! Full coverage in two to three coats depending on application.

I love sunshowers. The sun glittering off the rain drops just makes it seem so much more magical. The flakies in this polish are so pretty - they glint and glimmer when they hit the sun and the grey base is so delicate and elegant. Shown here is two coats and one coat of top coat.
Emerald & Ash Sunshower swatch
Emerald & Ash Sunshower swatch
Emerald & Ash Sunshower swatch
Confusion with a K
Once upon a time we found an ottoman that had beautiful bright colors and it needed to come home with us. It also needed to be made into a polish. After many trials and errors it decided to be a fun, festive glitter topper. Because it said so. And so, Confusion with a K was born. A glitter topper full of neon pink, neon green, metallic navy blue, grey and white glitters of all sizes. It wants to go on top of ALL of your polishes and maybe even be sandwiched between them as well. You’re good to go with one to two coats, depending on how glitter-hungry you are!

This glitter topper is where Emerald & Ash's thicker base really comes in handy. I did not have to fish for a single piece of glitter! See those large pink hexes? Yep, they just willingly came out on the brush. Glitter application like this makes my life so much easier and less frustrating. Plus, these colours are amazing and perfect and I love them. :) Shown here is one coat over China Glaze Def Defying and one coat of Gelous.

Emerald & Ash Confusion With A K swatch
Emerald & Ash Confusion With A K swatch
Emerald & Ash Confusion With A K swatch

Bonus link: Ashley and I were chatting one day and she mentioned that she thought my custom, Stubble Jumper, would be the perfect addition to a new collection she was planning. Of course, I was flattered and said yes right away. The thought that people like something I had a hand in creating just tickles me. Spread the prairie love, people!

I was also sent a 3ml bottle of the July oil of the month, Fresh Cut Grass, which is a scent I already love. I had kind of... badgered? nicely? Ashley about a grass scent. :) And you already know how I feel about their cuticle oils.

All Emerald & Ash lacquers are 5-Free and are not tested on animals.

Emerald & Ash
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  1. All three of these are amazing but Snozzberries is on my list of NEEDS and I can't wait for her to get the pigment figured out so I can own it!