24 February 2014

Elevation Polish Gobi

Does anyone have a case of the Mondays? I'm getting over a nasty cold and an early Sunday morning wake-up (5am, what?!) to watch Canada clinch gold in the men's Olympic hockey final! #wearewinter How was your weekend?

The brand I am sharing with you is not new to me - I've always admired their creations from afar but hadn't had the opportunity to grab any. When I came across several for sale second hand I said to myself, "self, who could give them a better home than you?" And so home they came. I'm waiting on five more to arrive and can't wait to swatch them.

Let me just say that I am equal opportunity when it comes to colours. I'll try most things once and have fallen in love with plenty that others would deem "ugly." Unless it totally doesn't work with my skin tone, I'm good. That said, Gobi by Elevation Polish may need another wear to win me round. It's one of those ugly-pretty colours that I'm not quite sure I can rock.

Gobi is a brownish orange polish with golden holographic shimmer. It's a tough one to nail down. The formula was great and I used three coats for full coverage along with one coat of Glisten & Glow HK Girl. If you like this one I suggest you snap it up while you can because it is in being discontinued.

Do you have a favourite "ugly" colour?
Elevation Polish
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  1. Poor Gobi. People keep calling it a pretty-ugly color but I don't think it's ugly in the slightest. I agree that it isn't the best with my pale skintone but as far as the color itself is concerned I like it a lot :/

    1. I think this is one that will grow on me the more I wear it - I actually do quite like it with my skin tone. :)

  2. The color is beautiful, and I don't think it looks bad on you at all. Maybe use it for accent nails or as a base for stamping? That might help you like it more.

    1. It is lovely - I think I'll grow to love it the more I wear it. :)

      Also, thank you so much for the support! Your comments mean a lot.