23 April 2014

WingDust Wednesday : These Broken Wings

So, I've been blogging, in one form or another, for a long time; at least since 2002 and the early days of Livejournal. And yet, 12 years later, my biggest weakness as a blogger is comparing myself to others. In previous iterations, my blogs followed trends and I tried to be something I'm not - a decor and lifestyle blogger. Sure, it's something I enjoy - who doesn't like pretty things? - but it was never something that I was PASSIONATE about. Nail polish on the other hand? It may seem like a silly and frivolous pursuit to some but I truly see artistry in a gorgeous bottle of nail polish. I don't know if I'll ever call myself a writer or a photographer (definitely not the best at either) but, for the first time, I'm blogging because I love the subject matter and not because I'm trying to keep up with a certain niche.

That said, I'm not super happy with my photos of today's polish. It's not the fault of the polish, I just think my application wasn't the best and it shows. Want to see lovely swatch photos? Check out Polished Pathology or Kitty Kam's Nails.

On to the polish! As described by Stephanie, These Broken Wings "has a soft blue/periwinkkle [sic]base that can look grey or lilac in different lights, linear holo, iridescent and silver flakes, 12 kt white gold leaf and a hint of aqua/lavender shimmer." As with any polish that has gold leaf (like big sister, Steel Town Girl), you need to be careful with application. The flakes will come out of the bottle easily but you may need to dab a bit to ensure that the leaf lies flat on the nail.

These Broken Wings is on the sheer side and shown here is three coats and one coat of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri. You may want to try layering it over a dark colour (like Polly Polish did) or a similar periwinkle creme.

As with all of Stephanie's creations, this one is so unique and will forever have a spot in my collection.

Wingdust Collections These Broken Wings swatch
Wingdust Collections These Broken Wings swatch
Wingdust Collections These Broken Wings swatch
Wingdust Collections These Broken Wings swatch

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  1. This is really pretty! One day when I get some Wing Dusts I'll play along. :)

  2. I'm such a sucker for gold leaf, including white gold leaf apparently! Not sure if I've ever seen that before.