07 January 2014

I Love Nail Polish Birefringence (H)

Today I have a thing of beauty to show you. I'm late to the party with this one but once I put it on I knew that I had to take a million pictures and share it with the world. I purchased several of the new ILNP shades during the last launch but have only now had a chance to use one. I know, right?! What the heck was I waiting for?

Birefringence (H) is one of Barbra's amazing holographic ultra-chrome polishes (did your heart just skip a beat?) and it is STUNNING! I don't know how she did it but there is a rainbow packed in this bottle. A rainbow that glitters and shines and flows like silk. I'm in love and can't wait to use the other one I ordered - Cygnus Loop (H).

The formula was amazing - thin enough that it flowed well over the nail but pigmented enough that I didn't need a ton of coats. I could have stopped at two but like to do three for extra coverage and depth.

Polish used: OPI Nail Envy Original, three coats of ILNP Birefringence (H), one coat of Glisten & Glow HK Girl fast dry top coat.

All photos are taken in artificial light and the last photo uses flash to show the holographic aspect.

 What do you think? Isn't it stunning?

NB: I've been playing around with the watermark to see what works best and what I like best. What do you think of the faded watermark in a colour that compliments the polish?



  1. Stunning photos, that colour is amazing! I also dig the faded-and-matching watermark, it clearly marks the photo as yours but without distracting away from the photo itself.

  2. I love this! Can't wait to see Cygnus Loop. I need to get some of these holo multi-chromes for sure.

    I also really like the watermark like that. You could even make it a little bigger and it would be fine.

    1. I will definitely be posting Cygnus Loop as well. It's so gorgeous in the bottle - they all are! :)